Crimson Bluffs
Headquartered at Townsend in the Glacier-Yellowstone corridor of Western Montana on the upper Missouri River (map), Crimson Bluffs Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation preserve the legacy of the Corps of Discovery Expedition in our area.

Traveling through this broad valley in 1805, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark remarked upon its beauty. More than two centuries later, visitors can share the experience of the Big Belt Mountain range, often snowcapped throughout the year— hanging like an “amphitheater” above the green and gold Missouri valley.

Some of the sights noted in the Corps of Discovery’s journals were submerged during the creation of the Canyon Ferry Reservoir (Montana’s most-visited body of water); others lie on private land. [map]  But the river is easily floated during most summers and navigable by motor boat spring through fall, giving visitors a unique and personal taste of the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Visit the only place named for York!

Lewis Journal — July 24, 1805

“…passed a remarkable bluff of crimson coloured earth on Starboard intermixed with Stratas of black and brick red slate.”